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How To Unclog Kitchen Sinks

If all of a sudden you have a clogged kitchen sink, it is a must for you to know how to remove the clog. There are a few easy yet very effective methods you can try.

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Step 1 Pour Hot Water

Prior to plunging or snaking your clogged kitchen sink, try getting rid of the clog by pouring a constant stream of extremely hot water down your drain. It is effective in dissolving or washing away clogs from grease or grime buildups. If you try this method, and it does not work even if 10 to 15 minutes have passed by, you can proceed to plunge your drain. To avoid dealing with any clogs in the future, pour some hot water down your drain a few times in a week to remove any possible buildups that will likely result in a major headache or inconvenience.

Step 2 Plunge your Sink Drain

If pouring hot water does not work, plunging your clogged kitchen sink drain is your next recourse. Start by utilizing a wet rag to block the opening of the sink overflow, or maybe the other drain if your kitchen has a double sink. It guarantees that all the effort exerted by your plunger hits the source of the blockage. Then, fill your sink with some water. Position the plungers head firmly on top of your drain and start plunging it vigorously. If you are lucky, the clog had loosened up when you poured hot water in it earlier making it easier for you to drive it further down the drain.

After half an hour and plunging it didnt make any difference, snaking your drain is your next alternative.

Step 3 Removing the Trap

TIP: Youll benefit more by removing the trap along with the tailpiece that connects to the pipe from your wall or even the floor and utilize the hand auger in snaking your drain. It is a bit tricky to get the augers corkscrew end pass by the basket strainer, and youll also have a major problem if the snake gets tangled in the pipe.

Start this step by putting a bucket below your drains trap to catch the water that comes out of it when you finally take it off. Then, utilize a plumbers wrench to twist off your drains trap with care.

If you have a filthy drain trap, clean it first prior to reattaching it. To do this, let the trap soak in a mixture of mild liquid soap and warm water. Utilize a scrub brush with hard bristles or a disposable toothbrush to get rid of the hardened grime, and then use warm water to rinse off the solution. If you have a very dirty of rusty drain trap, do not hesitate to buy a replacement right away.

TIP: if you have an old or chrome plated brass piping below your sink, taking off its slip joint nuts may break your pipes. It is typical among older and obsolete models of traps and chrome plated piping. Youll benefit more by removing them and then buy PVC pipes and traps as replacements. When its tailpiece doesnt come out of your wall or floor, try cutting it, flush it around the pipes connection, and use a tiny hacksaw blade. Use it to cut the brass pipe within the bigger drain pipe. Just simply cut through its chrome plated brass and utilize a screwdriver to take it out after cutting.

Step 4 Snaking the Drain

Gently insert your augers corkscrew end into the drain pipe on the wall. Turn the handle of your auger in a clockwise direction to direct its corkscrew end deeper down your drain. Persist in driving your auger down the drain, and only stop once you feel that it is now hard to turn its handle. It simply means that you have reached the source of your clogged kitchen sink. In as much as you can, continue turning its handle and force the augers corkscrew end further down until it manages to break up the clog. After successfully clearing the clog, proceed in retracting your auger by now turning the handle in a counter clockwise direction. Finally, put your drain back together and pour hot water to clear any remnants of the clog.

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